Human Resources

Talents at KAP

What we want is talents who seek to demonstrate their personal values in a group by adhering to the following ideas.

Dare to challenge

Not constrained by experience, dare to propose solutions and carefully verify their feasibility in the face of unknown problems

Continuous learning

Not satisfied with the status quo, and willing to acquire new knowledge and skills

Conscientious and responsible

Prioritize customer needs and achieve them as the sole purpose, uphold a sincere heart and be considerate of customers’ position.

In pursuit of excellence

Professionalism above all else, boast of top-quality professionals, based in Taiwan while active throughout the world.

Grow together

Regard team progress as personal responsibility, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment from teamwork

Talent Development
  • Induction training
    Induction training
  • Level-specific training
    Level-specific training
  • Professional training
    Professional training
  • Overseas training
    Overseas training
  • Job rotation
    Job rotation
  • On-the-job training
    On-the-job training
  • Various types of off-the-job training
    Various types of off-the-job training
Welfare System
Company life:Transport allowance, annual bonus, year-end bonus, performance bonus, long service a
Self-motivation:Japanese language learning and certification, subsidized language learning, and l
Welfare committee:Club activities, birthday celebrations, birthday gifts for employees, travel an
Stability in life:subsidy for third child, funeral condolence money and birth allowance.
Health promotion:Health checkup and employee assistance program (EAP)
Position and person

KAP workers in various workplaces, their content, challenges and growth, and environmental introduction.

Interview flow
  • Screen resume1Screen resume

  • First interview2First interview

  • Second interview3Second interview

  • Job Offer4Job Offer

  • Report for duty5Report for duty

  • Induction training6Induction training