About KAP


  The Group has updated its corporate philosophy and established the "KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Way", determined to further deepen dialogue with stakeholders and support the future with technology. 
  We will respond to the changing and diverse needs of the world through the technologies and dialogues we have accumulated so far and strive to be accelerator to usher in a new era of creativity and innovation.

Our Technology

Refine technology
  • We strive to take all technologies in manufacturing to the top level.
  • We collaborate across groups to optimize our problem-solving capabilities.
  • We continue to explore even the smallest challenges towards better solutions.
Create technology
  • We create new value by uniquely matching and combining technologies.
  • We develop useful technologies to solve social issues together with our stakeholders.
  • We build on diverse ideas to create leading global products.
Advance technology
  • We share the process of breaking through existing limits to reach new levels.
  • We work on difficult issues with single-minded determination and passionately dedicate ourselves to discovering solutions.
  • We think outside the box and tackle challenges with great enthusiasm.
Captivate with technology
  • We pursue ultra-fine technology and raise expectations for the future.
  • We continue to take pride in the KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group by cultivating our unique technology.
  • We aim to be a one-of-a-kind technology company that stands out globally.

Our Tai-wa

Tai-wa with cutting-edge technology
  • We constantly listen to people’s dreams, ideals, expectations, and needs to develop unprecedented technologies.
  • We collaborate with innovators around the world to create a foundation for the future.
  • We bring together diverse expertise and technologies and passionately share them.
Tai-wa with the natural environment
  • We intend to leave the legacy of a beautiful environment by respecting nature in our business activities.
  • We have a clear understanding of needs around environmental issues and respond appropriately to solve them.
  • We take action to tackle climate change and effectively utilize resources throughout the supply chain.
Tai-wa with social issues
  • We respect human rights and diversity, and contribute to building a society where people can enjoy safe, secure, and happy lives.
  • We accurately identify risks and take preventative measures to ensure business continuity.
  • We actively participate in local communities and contribute to their development.
Tai-wa with ourselves
  • We consistently examine our actions and intentionally choose the best way.
  • We recognize that people are our most important business resource and unwaveringly aim to grow as individuals and as a group.
  • We motivate others and the organization as a whole by demonstrating our passion.

*What is ”Tai-wa”?

  Tai-wa is a Japanese word meaning of dialogue, conversation between people face-to-face to be willing to understand others with sense of empathy. At times, subjects we have Tai-wa with can be things besides people. For us, Tai-wa implies respecting every one of you, being sincere, and acting wholeheartedly, that is ‘an attitude itself towards work’. This is our group’s DNA that we value to have last forever.