Compliance Whistleblower System

  KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group understands that the "Compliance" means not only complying the applicable laws and regulations and the company rules, but also conducting honest and fair business in accordance with social norms and corporate ethics. In this regard, we have established this Compliance Whistleblower System. If you become aware of any inappropriate acts related to our business that violates laws and regulations, KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Way, or company rules, or any problems related to the work environment such as harassment etc., please report them to the following contact. Based on the content of the report, we will conduct fact-finding investigations and take appropriate measures.
Eligible person ①Individuals working at KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group companies (including individuals who retired within one year)
②Individuals working at subcontractors and suppliers, etc. of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group companies(including individuals who retired within one year)
※Anonymous reporting is possible, but this may limit the response and investigation.
※In principle, we handle the reports from persons other than those listed above in the same manner.
Issues covered Any inappropriate acts related to the business operations of KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Group
①Acts violate laws and regulations
②Acts violate "KOKUSAI ELECTRIC Way" and Company rules
③Harassment, etc.
・Matters related to products and sales (disguised sales, false advertising, concealment of dangerous/hazardous information about the products, etc.)
・Matters related to competitors (cartels, bid rigging, etc.)
・Matters related to inappropriate payments or transactions (bribery, anti-social transactions, etc.)
・Matters related to customer (excessive business entertainment, etc.)
・Matters related to environment (environmental destruction, pollution, pollution, etc.)
・Matters related to subcontractors and suppliers (collusion with suppliers, etc.)
・Matters related to Financial Instruments and Exchange acts (window dressing, insider trading, etc.)
・Matters related to notifications/report to administrative agencies (false reporting of material facts, concealment, etc.)
・Matters related to human rights (discrimination, leakage of personal information, child labor, forced labor, etc.)
・Matters related to work environment (sexual harassment, power harassment, etc.)
・Matters related to accounting (embezzlement of public funds, misuse or mismanagement of expenses, etc.)
・Matters related to export (violation of trade-related laws and regulations, etc.)
※Please provide detailed information in order to conduct investigation appropriately.
 The reported details will not be communicated to third parties without justifiable reasons.
Contact details WhistleBlower Security Inc.
TEL:00-800-2002-0033(mobile phone)
   +886 2 7734 4427
※Multilingual report is available.
※Reports will be accepted by the web form, e-mail or telephone.
Matters must be reported ・When, where, who did what?
・Why do you think the conduct is reportable?
・Why do you think such an act was committed?
・How did you know that the conduct took place?
・Do you have any evidence of the conduct, and if so, what is it?
・The name and affiliation of you, and preferred method of contact.
・Whether or not you wish to be informed of the results of the investigation.
※If you wish to report anonymously, you do not need to report your name or affiliation.
Step to be taken after the reporting ・The person who receives the report shall conduct the investigation in cooperation with Corporate Vice President and Executive Officer in charge of compliance and outside attorneys, etc.
Protection Whistleblower is protected from prejudicial treatment by personnel, or any other illicit acts because of the reporting except for the cases that the report is clearly based on fraudulent purposes such as slander and libel.
Caveat ・Compliance Whistleblower System is not intended to provide legal advice for you.
・We may take disciplinary action, claim for damages, criminal complaint or any other measures we think appropriate to the person who report based on fraudulent purposes such as slander and libel.